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Bamboo Multicasting
Bamboo MediaCasting Inc. is a cellular multicasting platform provider. The company develops innovative multimedia multicasting platforms that enable cellular operators to broadcast, simultaneously, the same rich media content to a virtually unlimited number of subscribers over 2.5G and 3G networks using minimal bandwidth. Bamboo's solutions let cellular operators and ASPs provide media-rich services to mass markets over existing mobile networks.

Bsafe Information Systems
BSafe Information Systems develops and markets network and data-security products that protect IBM iSeries (AS/400) servers, zSeries (mainframes), and open systems from penetration through the Internet or the network. Since the international launch in 2003 of the Bsafe/Global Security for iSeries, Bsafe has received validation from numerous major OEMs, customers and resellers. The Company has signed a global distribution agreement with IBM procurement, making it one of only a few iSeries security software providers with such an agreement. The company also manages custom projects in the security field.

Cloverleaf Communications
Cloverleaf's Intelligent Storage Networking System (iSN) is a policy-based, Intelligent Storage Networking System that offers a combination of benefits, features and capabilities uniquely qualified to meet the demands of mid to large-sized data centers. It provides advanced business continuity services, enables tiered storage in a heterogeneous environment, and delivers a comprehensive suite of intelligent storage management functions. The system is flexible, multi-dimensional, and generates economic savings.

cVidya Networks

cVidya Networks is a global leader and innovative provider of revenue-intelligence solutions for telecom, media and entertainment service providers. The company’s product portfolio helps operators and service providers maximize margins, improve customer experience and optimize ecosystem relationships through revenue assurance, fraud and risk management, dealer management, margin analytics, and clearinghouse services. Backed by a team of highly skilled professional experts and consultants, cVidya’s solutions have a proven track record of achieving rapid ROI and lower TCO. With over 130 customers in five continents and an extensive network of regional offices in Europe, North America, Latin America and APAC, cVidya has one of the largest installed bases of revenue-assurance and fraud-management implementations worldwide. cVidya’s customers include: British Telecom, Telefonica Group, Vodafone Group, AT&T, O2 UK, MTN South Africa, Swisscom, Telecom Italia, China Telecom, and more.

For more information visit www.cvidya.com

Federation Web
Federation provides software solutions that integrate product data and product lifecycle management applications. Federation's software solution allows companies to integrate their supply /design chains down to the Product Data Management/Product Lifecycle Management (PDM/PLM) level. It enables commercial PLM systems to create federations among themselves, providing access to authorized information across organizations within the building or across a 24/7 world. The end result is enhanced information sharing, communication and collaboration among the design team members without having to implement and to train on multiple PLM systems.

SeaPass Solutions

SeaPass is a leader in advanced data transfer technologies between parties in the insurance industry. It develops and markets solutions that enable insurance carriers, agents, brokers and wholesalers to transmit and receive data in real-time and leverage existing systems to automatically interact with one another. This leads to reduced costs, better new business and successful transaction across all lines of business. From a single technology platform, the SeaPass solution literally enables easy, error-free data exchange and interaction among agents, carriers, brokers and wholesalers to get quotes and bind coverage in seconds.

V-Secure Technologies
V-Secure Technologies, a leading provider of vigilant network intrusion prevention solutions, addresses one of the most severe Internet-related threats today - cyber attacks that are designed to slow or shut down corporate networks, or compromise confidential information stored on these networks. V-Secure provides adaptive, self-learning IPS network appliances that deliver unparalleled protection against a wide range of network attacks, including denial of service (DoS), distributed denial of service (DDoS), worm propagation, pre-attack probes and many others. Its patent-pending Adaptive Smart Dynamic Filter technology is a breakthrough in hands-off intrusion protection, with no signatures to update and no thresholds to set.

XLoom Communications
XLoom Communications, Inc. is a market pioneer for chip-scale, high-bandwidth, low powered optoelectronic interconnect solutions that are cost competitive with todays copper-based solutions. XLoom offers an alternative to traditional copper interconnect solutions with optical solutions. XLooms patented XFlam technology enables Wafer-level mass production of opto-electric components using standard semi-conductor processes, enabling a 1:10 reduction of size and cost.

Kailight Photonics

Kailight Photonics' innovative technologies optimize the power of all-optical networks, setting a standard of excellence for the deployment of durable high-performance optical systems. By leveraging the best in today's optical components, as well as the company's proprietary technology, Kailight Photonics has addressed the inadequacies of current optical-electrical networking infrastructures to provide true all-optical solutions for the next-generation of optical networking technology.


Mplicity Ltd. is a fab-less Semiconductor Company that is developing an evolutionary Structured ASIC chip targeted at escalating multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-channel marketplaces.  Mplicity's  "CoreUpGrade" and Virtual Multi-Fabric (VMF) technologies allow us to address a broad spectrum of communications, commercial, industrial, and consumer vendors needs by significantly reducing their silicon design, development, and production time, as well as critical power and cost issues.  Mplicity's proprietary patent pending technology is focused on significantly reducing the gate count in a repetitive logic design or substantially increasing the performance of a given logic design. This technology is a fundamental component of Mplicity's "CoreUpGrade" as well as the new VMF powered Structured ASIC silicon.