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About Hyperion Israel

Hyperion Israel Venture Partners is dedicated to helping build innovative Israel-based technology startups into successful enterprises.

Founded in October 2000 by the principals of Hyperion Partners, a leading US investment firm, Hyperion Israel provides start-up companies with financing and strategic guidance based on deep industry experience.

Hyperion Israel was initially founded as a $73M investment fund, several years after the investment by Hyperion Partners (USA) in Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest banking organization.
Since then, Hyperion Israel has invested in eight promising companies, all of which are following strong growth paths.

Our general partners and our advisory board (in formation) include the chairman of Computer Associates, the former CEO of Chubb, and the president of GMAC. Additional Board of Directors participation includes: Computer Associates, Check Point, Bank Hapoalim, Signature Bank, Koor, Heinz and Fleur.

In addition, most of the U.S. members of the Hyperion Israel's investment committee have had prior working experience in major investment banks. This enables us to leverage their deep familiarity with worldwide capital markets to assist portfolio companies in raising outside capital through IPOs.

Whenever appropriate, we leverage our international relationships for the benefit of our portfolio companies. At every stage of a company's growth, from the earliest genesis of an idea, through market launch and enterprise growth, we work with the entrepreneurs to provide guidance and help where needed while ensuring they have the room they need to create their own success.